29 August 2008

Special Screen Door Hardware

I ordered special spring hinges and a screen door latch from VanDyke's for my new screen door. Gotta love that VanDyke's.

I'm really enamored with the spring hinges because the tension is adjustable, which I never even thought about. They were pricey at $39.99 for a pair (and I needed three hinges, so I had to order two sets, and now I have one hinge left over). But I think they were money well spent.
The hinges were a bit wide where they mount to the door frame, so Bill had to remove a strip of trim. Check out all those giant nails they used to attach that tiny piece of finish trim!But, Jack was able to blend the bare wood very nicely. I know what it looked like, but you have to look very closely, and know what you are looking for to see it now. Great job, Jack!The latch is okay. It has a black powder coat finish, which has already flaked away in one small, unnoticeable spot. I'm sure nobody else would even notice, but I know it is there. So, I'm not exactly thrilled with that. I do love that it locks.

Also, mom got a nasty little metal splinter from the tightening screw, just under the knob. I borrowed a fine metal file from my dad, and was able to make that spot smooth, but now the brassy finish shows through there. Luckily, it is on the underside, so no one should notice that, either.

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Jennifer said...

Try dabbing a black permanent marker on the brassy spot. It's what I use for anything black. If it's too shiny, just buff it a bit with your finger to dull.

I like your hardware choices a lot!