16 August 2008

New Front Doors Installed!

It has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. Bill was able to come up yesterday to install the new front door and the screen/storm door. It wasn't all easy going, we ran into a couple of problems, but Bill was able to make everything work. Now we just have to do some touch-ups, and it will be perfect.
Also, some cleaning. Bill made lots of sawdust, and the glass needs a serious cleaning. It still has lots of sticky residue from the stripper, the stain, and the finish.
Oh, and Oliver is enjoying the breeze coming in through the screen door.

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Sandy said...

It was definitely worth the wait. The doors looks beautiful in the photo -- I can only imagine how much more beautiful they are in person. Bill did a really great job!

p.s. I love the "Oliver" paw of approval on the screen/storm door!