23 November 2008

Friendly Field of Flowers

This is Tall Flowers from Bucilla.
These were a lot of fun to stitch, the stems went very quickly, but each flower took lots of delicate little stitches.

As usual, I didn't follow the directions. I used stem stitch, back stitch, and French knots only. It called for other stitches, including satin stitch, but I didn't want to see filled in spots, so I treated the whole thing like an outline. I also used stronger, bolder colors than usual, and I'm very pleased with how this set turned out.
The thread I used:
DMC green #580 for the stems (it's a nice bright olive-y green)
DMC yellow #742 for flowers and centers
DMC pink #3350 for flowers
DMC purple #3834 for the single butterfly At first I wasn't sure about putting a fourth color in there, then I wasn't going to do the butterfly at all, then I did him with a pink body and purple wings. When I got to the second pillowcase, I decided the whole butterfly should be purple. More whimsical. The first one bugged me so much, I just had to tear out the stitches and do both butterflies in all purple. Probably an hour's work. For a few moments, I felt a bit like Greg from Petch House.


Jennifer said...

Very nice!

fred said...

Very pretty pattern...

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Sue decided on this set.