07 November 2008

The Continuing Story of the Screen and Storm Windows

With winter fast approaching, mom and I took advantage of the mild temperatures on Wednesday to do a staining project we have put off since... oh, April? Wow. We're really good at procrastination. These are the frames for the screen and storm windows for the small, square (-ish) windows in the living room, on the landing, the upstairs bathroom, and all three closets. Seven windows in all, with a screen and a storm for each makes fourteen frames. And the trim that goes with them.

We put in three solid hours, and I'm convinced we'll need a second coat of stain because the pine is so thirsty. Mom disagrees. I think she's just anxious to get them done. We ran out of daylight, plus we were tired, so the second coat and the poly finish will have to be done another day. It'll have to be outside again, though, because I got a wicked headache from the smell. I can't imagine doing this in the basement with just the windows open. I seem to mind this stuff more lately. I guess the fall allergies don't help, either.
We did our best to keep Oliver out of the staining process, but I'm sure there a few golden retriever hairs in there somewhere. As you can see in the top picture, he was close by for the whole project.

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Jenni said...

We get Puppy hair in so many things. It is a constant battle.