03 November 2008

Lilacs and Vines

I just loved the variegated thread so much, I decided to use it again on my next project.This is the Lilacs and Vine pattern from Dimensions.I used DMC #8 cotton perle thread in variegated purple 52 on the flowers, and butterflies and green 49 on the vines.The vines went very quickly, but the teeny butterflies and the small, singular flowers seemed to take forever. I think I like patterns where I can just keep stitching, and not have to stop to change thread or positions so often.

Oli had a close run in with a ball of embroidery thread during this project. You'd think this golden retriever is a kitten the way he wants to play with string. Unfortunately, being a golden retriever, he wants to eat everything he can get into his mouth.

One evening, I'm quietly stitching away in my granny-recliner, and Oliver decides he is bored. I keep my current project in a little plastic bin I can carry with me, and I had it sitting on the floor next to me. Handy, right? Oli thought so too. Sneaky-like, he flipped the lid back with his nose and in one quick swipe he stole the ball of purple thread. I jumped up to grab it from him, and I don't know how he did it so fast, but he managed to swallow several yards in just seconds. Here's where it gets gross, be warned. I didn' realize just how much he had, or even that he had swallowed it, I only thought he was chewing on it, so I started to pull the thread out of his mouth. And he started gagging. I kept pulling, and he coughed up a sizeable wad of purple thread. Close call. Now I'm much more careful about all of my embroidery supplies.

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