18 November 2008

Upstiars Bathroom Details: Shower Rod Woes

So, I haven't come up with a really good solution for the shower rod. You see, a normal L-shaped rod won't work to cover the end of the shower because of the sloped ceiling. Which of course is some odd angle like 52 degrees, or something. We did buy a regular L rod, as you can see, and my dad adjusted it for a temporary fix. More than two years ago.
See the bracket? It is at a fixed angle, not at all flexible.
Does anybody have any suggestions?


marceea said...

Signature Hardware sells a swivel shower rod support for sloped ceilings.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Thank you so, so much for the info! I just checked out Signature Hardware's website and I think that should work!

Look forward to a bathroom update, people. But, we've lived with it this long, I don't expect it will be high on the priority list.