17 November 2008

Summer Fresh Dasies

These pillowcases are done in the Daisies on Gingham pattern from Dimensions.
As usual, I didn't quite follow the instruction when it came to color. Close, though. You see, I've decided that I rather like working with the cotton perle #8, which is a bit different from the regular floss. Plus I have tons of it from my mom's stash. So when I pulled this set from the package, I realized I had the same blue, and nearly the same yellow and orange in the #8 thread, I decided I may as well use it. The only thing I didn't have was the right green. I think the green I used is a bit strong, but that's what I had. I have since discovered that I can buy new balls of DMC cotton perle #8 from Joanne's online. Oh well, next time.

This was a great set to learn from because there were so many different stitches used:
back stitch
chain stitch
stem stitch
cross stitch
french knots
Many of these stitches I hadn't had much practice with before this. I just love the textural feel of the flower's centers.
DMC green #702
DMC blue #519
DMC yellow #444
DMC orange #741


Laurel said...

Very nice! Love the look of the cotton, nice sheen to it. Makes me want to try it.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Betty Lu picked this set.