01 November 2008

Just Call Me the Piemaker

My dear friend Josh brought me a ton of apples the other day. His grandparents have an orchard, and he picked a whole basket of York apples for me. They have this wonderful crisp, tangy flavor. Of course, it was far more apples than I could eat, so I turned them in to pies. Six pies, to be precise. I even ran out of pie plates and had to make the last pie in a 9 by 9 square casserole dish!

Weak from hunger, Oliver is too tired to hold his head up to beg for apple pie. He decided he likes York apples, too. We shared lots of bites of apple with Oli during the peeling and slicing process.


Sandy said...

They look delicious! Give Oliver a scratch for me!

Jenni said...

Wow those pies look yummy.