03 December 2009

Leaps and Bounds, But Not Where You'd Expect

I tried to combat the post-turkey fatigue on Sunday by attacking the back bedroom again. But I got sidetracked.On the bright side, the side bedroom hasn't looked this good in ages.
Here's the problem I was running into: many of the remaining boxes in the back bedroom have office supplies in them. Tons of little stuff with no home. So, I started to get the side bedroom organized to make homes for all the office supplies I will be running into. This way I don't just move the debris from one room to the other. Ultimately, I mean. 'Cause that's actually what ended up happening to some of the junk from the side bedroom.
But it is stuff I need to go through also, and I can probably get rid of 75% of it. I saw a box with dried flowers (yuck!) and a box of cards. I'm so sentimental, it is hard for me to throw cards out. But I've spied tons of trinkets that I've never liked, and they've been out of sight for so long now, I don't even remember who gave them to me. They can go with minimal guilt. There has been surprisingly little actual trash. I mean, I am throwing some things out, and I haven't gotten to the paperwork yet. Geeze, there's another whole post.

I've begun to re-think my books, too. I mean, I'm never going to re-read these novels. My friends don't read the chic lit that I do, so I may as well donate them. Art books I keep. I consider them reference books. I really need to get them out of boxes and onto the shelves my mom bought for me last August, but I haven't loaded them up yet because I need Bill to anchor the big bookcase to the wall first, and right now I can't afford Bill. Ah, the home improvement domino effect strikes again.

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