01 December 2009

Playful Kittens

I did these three little kittens for my Aunt Lu, who has a beautiful black kitty, a new addition to their family about this time last year.I "borrowed" the pattern from a pattern I saw somewhere. Don't ask me where now, I should learn to make note of such things, but I'm always sure I'll remember. It wasn't my best project, I'll admit, I envisioned them turning out a bit differently. But Aunt Lu seemed to like them, so I guess that's all that matters.

As I've become such a fan of variegated floss, I did two of the kittens with variegated dark grey, variegated tans (think Oliver-colored), and the third in solid soft grey. I didn't write the color numbers down, and when I went back through my floss, I couldn't tell which I had used.

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