11 December 2009

A New Addition to Our Living Room

We are replacing my very sturdy, but in Lewis' opinion "ugly" shelves that hold the tv with a new tv stand I found at Just Cabinets. I think I got a good deal, if not a bargain. The regular price was $180, on sale for $120. I wasn't planning to buy anything right away, we were just right next door, so I made my friend Marc go in with me, just to see what they had available and get sizes and prices. I found the perfect thing, and asked the salesman if they had a picture in a flyer or something. I wanted to check with Lewis first, and measure, although I usually have a good eye for these things.

The salesman said he could make a photocopy of the sale sign on the item, that had a picture, measurements, and sale info. When he came back he said he had good news and bad news. The bad news was the floor model was their last one and they wouldn't be getting any more. The good news was that his manager said I could have the floor model for $100 if I took it that night.

So I impulsively said yes, I'll take it. That may have been a line, just to sell something that evening. I'm sure they could have come down even further and made profit, but I'm not much of a haggler, so I'm pleased with my purchase.
Shh, just don't tell my mom. She doesn't know I bought something this expensive for myself right before Christmas. I want to put it into place and hopefully she won't notice for a while. When she does, I'll be able to say, "that? It has been there for ages."

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