04 December 2009

A Paler Shade of Jadestone

So the comforter set I ordered from JCPenney on Friday arrived on my porch Tuesday. It was much lighter than I had expected. I'm well aware that colors can't possibly be accurately represented on the monitor, there are too many variables. I understand that. And this color isn't actually bad, it is just lighter than I had hoped. What I find ironic is that the paper label that came in the package shows the darker color, too! Oh, well.I pulled out one of the shams to take a picture, and this doesn't accurately show the color (jadestone), either, but I think it is closer to true. I was expecting something a bit more vibrant, this is a soft, subtle, muted color. I searched every retailer I could think of in my price range, and some that were out of my price range, but I still didn't find a substitute. So I'm trying to adjust my plan.The curtains arrived the next day, on Wednesday. This is what I saw when I opened the box. Way to over package there, JCPenney! Again, the colors are more subtle than expected, but I still really love the print.
I'm rethinking my paint plan. I was going to match the comforter and go two tints lighter, but now I'm thinking match the color and go a bit more vibrant. I have a feeling the comforter will reflect more of the color I want if it is on the walls. Plus it will draw that color out of the curtains.

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