17 June 2010

Bell Pepper Crop for 2010

Our first pepper appeared this weekend: It will probably be several days before it is ready, but that's okay. Our pepper plants seem to be off to a good start.

I think mom usually buys "gypsy" bell peppers for me. Mom and John plant tons of peppers, both bell and hot, but I'm not interested in messing with hot peppers. Besides, if I should need one for something, I know I can just get a pepper from their crop. We do eat quite a few bell peppers, though, and since our small crop didn't produce very well last year, I'm giving the peppers extra attention this year. That includes, a better location, some shelter between the tomato plants, plant supports and veggie food pellets mixed into the soil.

This year I selected these varieties:

Purple Bell Pepper
Golden Summer Bell Pepper
White Bell Pepper
Sweet Pickle Bell Pepper

I don't really know much about any of these varieties, but don't they sound pretty? I think they will be a nice colorful addition to the veggie tray at this summer's parties. I'm sure I can bum some regular green and red ones from mom to fill things out.

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