10 June 2010

Malva Zebrina

I started several malva seeds in pots last year, then planted them in the yard when they were ready. They didn't seem to do much, so I gave up on them. They are a perennial, but I figured if they didn't do anything the first year, they wouldn't be back. I was wrong.

It seems they self-seeded and I now have a ton of them coming up along the back of the crescent bed. That is good, right where I want them to be. They will look so pretty mingling with the cucumber plant. It will be this mass of vining green leaves and then here and there, surprise! A little pop of color from those pinky-purple petals.

I've recently read that when they self-seed the flowers may not be true to the variety you originally planted. I say, who cares when they are this pretty?

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