19 June 2010

Blue Daisies Embroidered Pillowcases

This is the Blue Daisies pattern from Tobin.
I think this pattern is just so lovely. I am mostly happy with it, but I don't care for the dark blue that I chose. Again, I was trying to use colors that I have on hand, but I think the dark blue called for in the pattern would have been better- more of a cornflower blue, not quite as dark. Oh, well. Next time.

I used DMC cotton perle #8 in these colors:
Royal Blue #797
Light Baby Blue #3325
Medium Yellow Green #3347
Light Topaz #726
and a white/cream that was probably bright white 60 years ago, but has aged to a soft, antique white by now

1 comment:

Jen said...

When I saw the first photo before reading, I thought "I love that darker blue!". These are beautiful :)