04 June 2010

Getting Back in the Garden

I got a gorgeous black and blue salvia at Noggle's Nursery yesterday. It is now the centerpiece of the crescent bed. I also got a couple of smaller blue and white ones to put around it. Someone had been letting their dog pee on the one Swiss chard plant that sort of made it from last summer. It had been intensely interesting to Oli for several weeks, but I eventually pulled it out. It was stunted and didn't really look nice. Besides, Oliver really enjoyed tearing up the root. That boy does love roots! Anyway, if some rude person is going to let their dog do that, I don't want any food plants that close to the sidewalk. So where I was going to plant peas, I've just put in that row of salvia. Just as well, because it is a little late for peas, and that spot may be too hot and dry for them.

The white cucumber seeds that I planted on Saturday already have their first leaves. They should be ready to plant in just a few more days. When I get the cucumbers planted, then the crescent bed should be finished.
I mostly finished planting the tomato bed last night. I added the four celeriac plants I bought. We are going to give that a try this year. I need to track down some Swiss chard plants. It is so pretty, and I am determined to figure out how to eat it this year. I promised myself that if we don't eat it this year, I won't plant it again. It is too pretty not to plant, so I'll figure out how to prepare and serve Swiss chard.I got one each of blanketflower and melampodium, but I still have room for one more of each. I need something tough right by the door, so if Oli's rope catches it, the plant will still be okay. I think the dwarf melampodium can handle that. I'd like a red blanketflower, but she only had yellow at Noggle's.

I'm hoping Lewis puts my squash fence in today- he said he would, but he may run out of time. The plumber is coming again today to fix the hot water heater. Luckily, the whole shebang did not need replaced. It was something to do with a valve, which became blocked. The plumber thinks he can fix it, but if he can't, they only need to replace this $50 valve. That plus labor, of course. But still way better that a whole new hot water heater.

Anyway, if Lewis gets the squash fence in, then I can plant my yellow squash and zucchini tonight. I didn't use mom's seeds. Noggle's had peat pots for $.99, so I just bought 3 zucchini plants. I know buying plants isn't as economical as starting seeds, and I feel badly about that this year, but I knew I just didn't have the ambition and energy to get them started when they needed to be. Next year. I also plan to plant beans from seed and hopefully I can just get them in the ground tonight. Then I'll pretty much be done. That will feel good.

I've given up on planting on the fence line this year, too. I adjusted my carefully thought out plans and cut back a bit. I don't want to plant more than I can handle. Also, just walking around that side is treacherous. The bed is full of weeds and it stresses Oli out when he can't see me. Maybe we can get that strip under control this summer, and I won't have to worry about damaging my veggies. We'll see.

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oma said...

Here is a swiss chard recipe from our local food co-op ~ Spiral Path Farms. I was 1st introduced to swiss chard when it came in my weekly box of veggies, and now it is one of my favorites! The recipe has a meatless option too. Hope you enjoy it! ~ Pam

1 bunch red or green Swiss chard, (chopped fine and remove the ribs) 1 large onion chopped, 4 garlic cloves- minced, 1-2 red or green pepper, diced, ½ # bacon- minced before cooking ( bacon optional ), 3 C sliced boiled potatoes, 2 C shredded cheddar cheese. Heat 2 T olive oil in large skillet. Add bacon, onion garlic, red pepper stir until veggies are cooked through. Then add the chopped Swiss Chard, stir until it wilts, then cover pan and let steam for another 5 minutes. Butter a 9x13 pan and cover bottom with ½ chard mix. Then layer with ½ potatoes, ½ cheese. Top this with the 2nd layer and finish with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.