25 June 2010

Overgrown Already!

Thanks to some volunteer tomato plants- around 15 I lost count- and some volunteer malva plants, my crescent bed is getting a bit unruly. I spent a few minutes yesterday pulling out some of the crabgrass and a few volunteer tomato plants that didn't yet have fruit. I'm hoping this picture is going to become a "before" and that I will have a nice looking "after" to show next week.

This bed is in the sun until around 7:00, so it is nice to work on in the evening. I'm thinking of getting a bag of mulch to cover some of the black landscape fabric. By this time last year you couldn't even see it, but the flowers I put out front haven't spread out as much as expected. Maybe I should get a flat each of yellow marigolds and purple petunias instead. Yeah, that would be prettier. Hmm, I see a trip to Noggle's nursery in my weekend plans...

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog and I love it! You've done a fantastic job on home improvement. I've been reading some of your past posts and all I can say is you must have a lot of patience -- I just read about the bathroom guy.

Thanks for sharing and Oliver is a real cutie!