23 June 2010

Quick Non-Progress Report

My little tomatoes still aren't ready. I was away again for a couple of days, and was hoping for a pleasant surprise when I got home. The tomato plants have gotten taller, some of the flowers have filled out a bit, but I still have nothing to harvest. I know, I'm being impatient.

The bell peppers have sprouted more peppers, but none of those are ready yet, either. I'm really looking forward to my green beans. Mmm, mmm! Lightly steamed, salted and buttered. Nothing better.

I really need to get out there and weed- the crabgrass is taking over. It is just entirely too hot during the day. I need to wait until at least 7:00 in the evening to go out. Luckily, that still gives me two hours of daylight at this time of year.

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