05 September 2008

Did You Vote Yet?

No, no. Not that vote. It's not time yet, anyway. And this is more fun.

Anybody out there listen to WXPN? It is this terrific public radio station out of Philadelphia. I know what you're thinking, ah, public radio. But forget everything the phrase "public radio" conjures up. This is different. I could go on and on, but why not just give it a listen? They stream live online.

Anyway, they've been asking listeners to vote for the top ten songs that make XPN. It was difficult, but I whittled my list down to these fab songs:
  1. Big Red Boat, from the album A Little Voodoo, by Grey Eye Glances
  2. Knock 'Em Out, from the album Alright, Still, by Lily Allen
  3. Slung-Lo, from the album Grand, by Erin McKeown
  4. Time to Pretend, from the album Oracular Spectacular, by MGMT
  5. Orange Sky, from the album Four Songs, by Alexi Murdoch
  6. Young Folks, from the album Writer's Block, by Peter Bjorn and John
  7. Float On, from the album Good News for People Who Love Bad News, by Modest Mouse
  8. Silver Lining, from the album Under the Blacklight, by Rilo Kiley
  9. Turn On Me, from the album Wincing the Night Away, by The Shins
  10. Read My Mind, from the album Sam's Town, by The Killers
So, XPN fans, what's in your top ten? Better hurry, you've only got till 11:59 PM on Sunday 7 September 2008!

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