19 September 2008

House Tour: Front Bedroom Before

Welcome to the front bedroom. This bedroom is the front "dormer" that you can see in pictures of the front of the house. This is the only room in the whole house whose trim work was never painted. The floors were in pretty good condition, too. Now, the curtains hiding that beautiful chestnut trim had to go. As well as the cheap and ugly ceiling fan.
Gotta love the basketball hoop attached to the back of the solid chestnut, five-panel door. And the commercial grade garcy strip shelving system. Neanderthals.
Someday I'll get around to removing the paint from that brass collar on the glass knob. I can't even figure out how it got painted, since that door is in original condition. P.O.s baffle me.
The attic access is through the closet, which is under the eaves. I'm really lucky to have such big closets in a house this old. It was definitely one of the selling points.

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Jennifer said...

Ah, closets. Sigh... someday I will have you!