07 September 2008

Vicious Golden Beastie

On the other hand, there may be another reason the mail wasn't delivered for a few days...

this "Dog Warning Card" was in my mailbox when I got home on Friday. I don't think it was meant for me, the customer, but rather it is meant for the mail carrier. Nevertheless, Oli and I are a bit despondent over the whole thing. It is hard to imagine anyone thinking my sweet boy is a "Dangerous Dog".

It is no mistake, either. It has our address, Oli's breed "golden retriever", and his name. And not just Oliver. It says "Ollie"! So, they know this dog. I mean, I know he barks at people, but if they stop to talk to him, he's so easy, he'd roll over for a belly scratch from a complete stranger. The most dangerous thing about him is that wicked wagging tail. Or the sandpaper scratchy tongue he uses to give kisses.

The UPS guys have no problems with him. I've seen them when he is out. They call out to him, toss him a biscuit, deliver their box to the front porch, and hop back in their big brown van before Oli's even finished chewing.

Now, I know the postal carriers are on foot for their daily deliveries, because we are in town, but still. The mail is usually delivered in the middle of the afternoon, when I'm at work. When I'm at work, Oli is locked safely in his room in the house. He can't even jump at the front door or anything wild like that. And if I am home when they deliver mail, I'm generally outside if Oli is out. Especially if he is on the front porch. And then I'll just walk out to greet the mail carrier, and they will just hand the mail to me.

And I get that mail carriers encounter all sorts of dogs, some who might actually be a threat. But Oli is not a threat. On top of that, he very rarely has unattended access to the front porch.

Dangerous Dog. Vicious Golden Retriever. Indeed.


Gene said...

I understand where mail carriers are coming from, but I've never met a dangerous golden retriever. They're the sweetest breed around, and I've no doubt Oliver is, too. Maybe this mail carrier had a bad experience with someone else's dog, so the barking made them nervous?

Anonymous said...

I am a "dog walker" My favorite dogs that we take walk are Golden Retrievers. They are the biggest babies!
How does your regular mailman get along with Ollie?
It sounds like they may have had a sub who has issues with dogs.

Julie in NJ

Sandy said...

Stupid gits! He is such a sweetie. Please give him a tummy scratch for me!

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Yeah, I'm sure that the mailcarrier's job is not an easy one. I certainly couldn't do it. But still, Oli is just about the most affectionate dog I've ever met. Now, I know, he's my baby, but I'm trying to be objective. He really is a good dog, and I've seen several of our mailcarriers talk to him over the years, nice and friendly. So, yeah, I guess all it takes is one person- maybe not one of our regulars- to be uneasy around dogs. Oliver is energetic, and if you aren't around dogs much I guess it could be overwhelming.

Now I just have to decide what to do with the card. Keep it, leave it in my mailbox, take it back to the post office?

SmilingJudy said...

Some people are afraid of all dogs and they don't know enough about them to know some breeds wouldn't hurt a fly. My mom is one of these people. She tenses up and makes sure she has her mace when she's out for a walk and sees any dog she doesn't know. Maybe the post office has a policy to complete one of these cards for any dog they see on the route.

I would stick a little post-it on the form with something like, 'Really? My dog is vicious? I beg to differ' and just leave it in the box for them to pick-up. They know they messed up by giving it to you.

Jenni said...

Oh No......poor vicious Oliver.
ha, ha.

There is such a difference in a "I'm gonna bite you bark" and a "Look Mom someone is in our yard" bark.

Pet his sweet nose for me.

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Sandy and Jenni- Oli enjoyed his tummy scratch and his nose rub.

SmilingJudy- I'm still wavering between taking the card back to the post office, all smug-like, and just keeping it. I'll probably keep it, mostly 'cause I'm non-confrontational. I can play out a scenario in my mind, I'm all sassy and tough, but in reality I'd probably just stammer, sweat and my face would get all red!

And, Jenni, as for Oliver's "I'm gonna to bite you bark"... well, I'm not convinced he'd really follow through! He does have many different barks, though, and I can usually tell the difference. Much like a momma and baby's cries. But I guess our postal carrier interprets all barking as agressive. It's not. When he barks at the postal carrier, it's "hey! hey! why aren't you talking to me? aren't you going to pet me? did you at least bring a treat? hey!"