08 September 2008

Yard Sale Goodness, Part 2 of 3

...So, Lewis and I took a few minutes to poke around. I saw several other things I wanted, the prices were just too good to pass up. This adorable little telephone stand had beautiful dovetail joints. $10.
This crescent side table is perfect in this spot in the living room. I usually sit in that green chair to do my embroidery. Bombay Company, $15.
My new coffee table. Don't you just love it? I couldn't have gotten something more suited to my taste if I had shopped every retailer in the area. And Oli is making good use of the lower shelf. Bombay Company, 2005, $60.

And this little tray table. Love it. Put it to good use at the party, since it is so easy to move around. Bombay Company, $5.

I paid $90 for all four tables. What do you think, did I get a bargain? I don't get up early enough on the weekends to hit the yard sales, so I have no idea if this was great or just okay. I do know that I love them, and that I could never have afforded these new.

Mom and I actually went back later that afternoon because I was eyeing up a sofa they had out. It was sold by then, for only $250. Not that I had the money, 'cause hey, we already spent $160 there. But this would have also looked great in the living room. She told us the sofa was only 6 months old, custom fabric on a Lane sofa frame. Ugh. Kicking myself. Oh,well. I guess the sofa wasn't meant to be. I think I'll tell myself it probably wasn't comfortable anyway. Yeah, that's it.

We talked to the couple running the yard sale a bit, 'cause hey, they are new neighbors. He told us that they had just moved into this house, an adorable, but tiny cottage. She had had a big house, and he had a large apartment, and all their stuff combined just did not fit. Hence, the yard sale. It made me think, if this is the stuff they are getting rid of (Lane, Bombay Company), what kind of gorgeous stuff did they keep? Must be nice.

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