17 September 2008

Great Dimmer Switches

One of the small upgrades mom insisted on were dimmer switches. She loves them. At the time, I thought I didn't care much one way or the other. I knew I hated those stupid round plastic buttons that would pop off and bounce across the floor when you were in a hurry. That's where our fabulous electrician Jeff stepped in. He understood my dislike of the button style dimmer switches, but he's also a smart guy, so he knew we had to keep mom happy. One day he turned up with these:

The one on the right is a normal switch, the one on the left is the special dimmer switch.

They are pretty great. Mostly you don't accidentally catch the little sliding adjuster. They were a good compromise. And, yeah mom does know best. I've grown to really appreciate the ability to dim the lights, particularly in the kitchen with its six bulbs!

Don't get me wrong, if I could afford them, I would buy these gorgeous push-button reproduction switches. They even make them for dimmers now, did you know?

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irishgirl said...

I have one of those old timey dimmers. They are great. Works sort of like your switch with slider. Also they are easy to install.