07 September 2008

Yard Sale Goodness, Part 1 of 3

So, the day before the party, when we are all running around like mad, trying to clean the house, clean the dog, clean the yard, and do lots and lots of cooking... mom spotted a yard sale just down the street. And she stopped because they had lots of beautiful furniture for sale, like these two matching book shelves from Bombay Company. Yup. Bombay Company yard sale score. $70 for the pair. The first one is missing one peg bracket, that is why the middle shelf is missing. The pegs are a garden variety hardware store item, so I should be able to replace them easily.

Don't mind the party supplies, BJ's quantities of plates, plastic utensils, and rolls.

Mom called me when I was on my way home from taking Oli to be groomed (he needed to smell pretty for his guests), she wanted me to stop with the Golf to pick them up. She was on her way to get her hair done, too. So, when I got back home, I grabbed Lewis, we folded the back seats down and drove the half block to this yard sale.

As we were loading the book shelves, we were noticing that they had a lot of other nice stuff for sale...

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