06 September 2008

House Numbers

With all the excitement of the party and the recent additon of the shiny new front door, we've overlooked something. House numbers.

Yeah, we didn't put new numbers up yet. No biggie, right? Wrong. Apparently, not every mail carrier in this tiny town knows us yet. I started to get suspicious over the last couple of days. Friday only brought a couple pieces of junk mail. Saturday nothing. Monday was a holiday, so I expected something on Tuesday. Nope. On Wednesday I got a couple pieces of "resident" junk mail. So, I figured maybe I'd better find those cool black metal craftsman-style numbers I bought three years ago when our Lowe's was having their must-sell-everything-'cause-we're-relocating-sale.

After much debate, we decided they should go in this spot above the mailbox, since there isn't a good spot on the door anymore. We also briefly considered putting the house numbers on one of the porch pillars, but no one was really convinced it would look good.

So, above the mail box they will go. I just have to clean it first. The previous owners had a different mail box there, but it was too high for me to check the bottom. And I'm too afraid of bugs and spiders to go sticking my hand blindly down the mailbox in search of lost items.
As you may have guessed, nothing gets done very quickly around here, so I only got as far as locating the numbers and laying them out on the table on the porch. As it turns out, this was apparently good enough for today's mailcarrier because when I got home Thursday the mail box was stuffed with what looked like a week's worth of mail!

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