18 September 2008

House Tour to Resume

It occurred to me a few weeks back, when houseblogs.net was running the True Value show us your before and after contest, that I've never finished the house tour. I think we stopped on our way to the second floor. I thought of this because I think the upstairs bathroom has had the most dramatic before and after. But because I hadn't shown it to you all yet, I decided to go with the kitchen instead. Besides, I think the point of that contest was what homeowners have done for themselves, and I can't claim much responsibility for the bathroom. I don't tile and I don't plumb.

I think I'll show you the bedrooms first, but don't get too excited, they are kind of boring (and messy). Then I'll save the best- the bathroom- for last. Just to keep you interested.

Seriously, though, It'll be worth the wait. The old bathroom was pretty bad. I almost considered entering it in American Standard's Ugliest Bathroom contest!

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