10 September 2008

Teal-y Scroll-y

This is the fourth set of pillowcases I've embroidered. That means I'm halfway done with pillowcases as Christmas presents.

These are the Filigree Scroll Pillowcases from Dimensions.

The thread is from my vintage stash, DMC variegated 123, in a heavier weight than I usually use, the cotton perle #8.I have some amazingly beautiful variegated color embroidery floss (from what was my mom's stash), and this design seemed to lend itself to a variegated thread. It was a little difficult trying to match the second side to the first side, so they would mirror each other. And then to match the second pillowcase to the first pillowcase. I got the hang of it by the time I was finishing up the second pillowcase, of course.

My friend Jessica was eyeing these up, so if I can get through a ninth set of pillowcases before Christmas, I won't put this set in the basket, I'll set them aside for her. There is also a matching dresser scarf, but I'm not going to buy that just yet. I'm not sure Jess uses dresser scarves.


oma said...

These are lovely! Your earlier blogs inspired me to buy some of the kits, and while they go quickly, I'm surprised by the task you have of getting so many done by Christmas. Just curious to know how long is it taking you to do one pillow case?

Oliver's Bungalow said...

oma- I have to tell you, I'm still learning my embroidery stitches, so these kits have been great. I'd love to do some of the fabulous projects I've seen online. Something a bit more modern, less flowery, would suit my taste better. I also love the vintage transfers. I hope to start on some kitchen towel sets after the holidays.

As far as timing, well, I usually do my embroidery while I'm watching television in the evening, and while I'm waiting for mom (my carpool) after work. Generally speaking, though, it seems like the first pillowcase goes quickly, a week to ten days. Now, you'd tink the second pillowcase in the set should take less time, right? I've already done these stitches. Not so. I think I get bored by the time I've gotten to the second one, so I don't pick up my hoop as often. I'm already looking forward to my next project. So, really it is taking me nearly a month to do a set.

Just A Girl And Her Craftsman said...

Just gorgeous

Oliver's Bungalow said...

Brandi chose this set, on of my favourites.