02 September 2008

"Press" the Buzzer

Jack also did some touch-ups around the doorbell plate. Three years ago, when we replaced the modern, cheap plastic, oval-shaped doorbell with my new round PRESS, we realized that the new one didn't quite cover the where the old one had been. So, I figured we'd fix it eventually, and last week Jack did just that when he was putting the finishing touches on the rest of the front door.

I had originally wanted a twist style doorbell. You know, the ones that make the sound like an old-fashioned bicycle bell? Only I didn't know what to call it. So, I tried to describe it to Jeff, my fabulous and patient electrician. He came back with this buzzer-sounding thing. It kind of reminds me of a doorbell you'd hear on a British television show. It wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind, but dear Jeff had tried very hard to find this and he was so pleased with himself that I didn't have the heart to tell him that wasn't what I wanted.

Jeff and me, at the birthday party.

Now, this doorbell buzzer thing is kind of cool, it still had an old-fashioned sound to it. But I seem to be the only one around here who thinks so. Mom and Lewis definitely don't like it.

Even once I figured out what to call it, I couldn't find a twist doorbell a couple years ago, and even now, I can't seem to find one in the black powder-coat finish that all the other outdoor accessories have. Maybe someday. I'm definately willing to replace the buzzer if I ever find a nice twist in black. But for now, I'm rather fond of the one we have. And I love the PRESS, which was very inexpensive. Only $5.99 at VanDykes. And worlds better than that horrible plastic thing that made the ding-dong sound.

The library where I work was built around the same time at Oliver's bungalow, and the service elevators still have most of their original details intact, including the alarm button, which makes that same bell twist sound I'm after. Of course, I'd hate to be stuck in one of those elevators from 1930 with only that little bicycle-bell sound in hopes of getting someone's attention! But, it would make for a great doorbell.


Tasch said...

Hi, you might want to check out Van Dyke's - http://www.vandykes.com/product/02015084/ they've got twist door bells.

jen said...

This one is a bit ornate, but...

I know I've seen these. If you can be more specific I probably can get you a link :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. You might want to look closer at Van Dyke's, they have twist doorbells in black - http://www.vandykes.com/product/02015084/

Or if you just want a nice ringing chime I got one for very cheap at a local hardware store - here's a link to one online - http://www.buyhardwaresupplies.com/?t=5&m=g1&itemNumber=36486

Oliver's Bungalow said...


Jen, the bell twist from antiquehardware.com is beautiful, but a bit too elaborate for this plain ole bungalow.

Tasch, I'm not sure how I overlooked that one from Van Dyke's, only I think it is shown in brass on the main bells page, and it looks much more fancy in shiny brass.

And although both of those are pretty, at $99 and $72, respectively, they are a bit beyond my price range just now.

Actually, Van Dykes does have a fairly plain, but all brass bell twist for only $30. Why the huge price difference?

The second one that anonymous suggested, the one from buyhardwaresupplies.com, is very similar, if not exactly, like what I have now.